Concerned about the inside of a pipeline, a sewer pipe or culvert, potable water system, underwater structure or the outside of a vessel?

We’ll locate and video your problem areas so that you can see the issues and understand what needs to be done.

Potable Water Inspections | Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections

Concrete is inspected for cracks and surface breakdown. Wood is checked for rot. All structures are checked for deterioration. We’ll check ship hulls, clear wells, pipelines, sewage and potable water pipes, intakes and outfalls, and more with our high quality equipment.

Jordive can provide you with several different types of inspections.  We can even provide aerial photographs of your tank or vessels!!  We’re able to handle your needs because we have equipment to best match the job with the tool… including:

  • DJI Phantom III drone
  • Drop cameras and hand-held dive cameras
    • Umbilical lengths from 100 feet to 450 feet
    • Low light black and white and hi res color camera options
    • Digital video recording capability
    • digital recording and video editing

Want to see us in action? Check out this video that shows us detecting a leak in a potable water reservoir.

Potable Water Inspection

Do you worry about whether there’s a problem with your potable water supply? We can conduct a video inspection of your pipes with our remotely operated vehicle and/or drop camera. You’ll find out if there are any leaks and, if there are, we can repair them for you.

The safety of your water supply is one of our key concerns. That is why all equipment is used only in potable water and is cleaned and sterilized before and after each job.

Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections

Our Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is basically a remote controlled submarine. With it, we can check hulls and sunken superstructures. At less than two feet long and ten inches high, it’s small enough to be flown down larger pipelines to inspect the interiors.

Our LBV 150 inspection class ROV has a:

  • 450′ tether
  • Low light black and white + High Res colour camera
  • 180 degree field of view
  • Diagonal measurement of 13.9″ (35.5 cm)
  • Length of  21″ (53.3 cm)
  • Width 9.65″ (24.5 cm)
  • Height 10″ (25.4 cm)
  • On screen display includes: time/date stamp, depth indicator, camera angle, water temp
  • Audio from machine
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