Remote Cleaning Services

Do you have an intake, outfall, or water storage system that needs cleaning? Need to get rid of zebra mussels? We have loads of experience cleaning all sorts of water systems: wells, above ground steel and concrete tanks, under ground storage and clear wells, intakes and outfalls.

Our various crawler configurations will handle all your cleaning needs. We can even fabricate a specialized crawler configuration to suit your individual needs. In most cases, your storage water facility can remain in operation while the job is being done.

  • All equipment is sterilized to ensure that no contaminants are introduced into your system.
  • Crawlers are controlled from a mobile office set up on your site.
  • 2” crawler that runs off an external trash pump for smaller areas
  • 3” crawler that runs off and external trash pump for larger areas with light sediment
  • 3” crawler with a heavy duty hydraulic pump for large areas and heavy sediment
    • Our large crawler fits into a 24 inch by 24 inch hatch entrance.
    • Our smaller crawler is set up for smaller holes of 15 inches by 13 inches.

Give us a call today because you want to discuss your requirements with us.

To see our remote cleaners in action, check out these videos:

Watch an industrial cleaning. This is the system that also removes zebra mussels. Watch it remove large amounts of sediment. It’s amazing!

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